In order to properly navigate through this hell hole index, you’ll need some information.

  • Generations
    • Here you will find characters that actively exist/existed in the story.
    • Characters that keep existing for more than one generation will only be listed under the generation they first appear in.
    • Characters that are not explicitly part of the active story are listed as Outsiders.
  • Outsiders
    • Here you’ll the characters that are not actually part of the story but that have made an appearance through flashbacks or a conversation, etc.
    • You’ll also find some characters that appear in backstories (that may or may not be revealed in the actual story) that you can find here.
    • Keep in mind that only important Outsider characters will have a profile. I won’t make a profile for every last friend someone mentions.
    • Outsiders are not listed by generation but it is still written on their profile when they first make an appearance. May it be in the story or in backstories.
  • Filler characters
    • Filler characters are ‘active’ characters that do not take much part in the story, therefore they have no profile and will not be listed here.
  • Spoilers
    • There is no spoiler tag as this whole thing is basically a huge spoiler.
      • Some characters that have not yet appeared in the story are listed here.
      • Even if a character has already made an appearance, his/her profile might contain elements that have not yet been revealed.
      • However, this index also contains elements about my characters that will never be revealed in the actual story so… It might be worth checking out…
    • If you want to avoid spoilers, I’d suggest not clicking on links of future generations (obviously) and watch out for spoiler alerts (I’ll try my best to warn you.)