Rae Astlyr

Name: Rae Astlyr
Status: Alive and deadly
Age: 21 (43 in Generation 2)
Birthday: April 4th
Occupation: Generation One Heir; Head of the Defense department (read Assassin)
Relationship status: In a relationship with Cross Carlisle
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Physical attributes
Height: 1m71
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Near-white blond naturally but dyes it red in Generation 1
Conditions: None


Blood-related relationships
Mother: Agatha Astlyr
Father: Varick Astlyr
Siblings: Helia Astlyr
Children: Rowena Astlyr


Name meaning
Rae: Wise protection
Astlyr: Divine strenght


First appearance: Generation 1 – Chapter 1
Last appearance: N/A


Rae grew up in the suburbs in a house with her father, mother and sister. She was especially close to her father and has always looked up to him. He was a symbol of strength and protection; something she aspired to be. As a child, she was rather quiet but would always step-up for people and defend them.

At 20 years old, Rae walked on her boyfriend of 4 years and her best friend having sex. At that time, she was away to university, completing a degree to be a physical education teacher.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, Rae had to kill both her father, mother and sister as well as other members of her family. They had all turned into zombies except Helia. Helia begged Rae to kill her after she was bitten by their zombie mother and was afraid to turn. Rae also had to kill other multiple people, including her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend out of self-defense. They tried to kill Rae in order to steal her resources.

Rae desperately tried to form her own group of allies during the apocalypse but they all died off one by one. Guilt ate at her for not being able to protect them, so she abandoned the idea. When she met Ezer, it had been 1 year since she hadn’t made any allies.


Detailed character sheet
Rae’s detailed character sheet


For pictures enter the tag Rae Astlyr on my Simblr


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